Individuals who require ventilator support, have experienced a period of respiratory distress or arrest, and require mechanical assistance to protect their airway and to maintain appropriate oxygen saturation levels can benefit from our ventilator program. If the individual has been on the ventilator for an extended period of time, a tracheotomy will have been performed for more efficient suctioning and oxygen delivery. These individuals can benefit from such services as:


•                Respiratory therapy services

•                Breathing treatments

•                Suctioning

•                Ventilator weaning

•                Pulmonology consultation

         Tracheostomy care and decannulation






Individuals who have infectious processes causing fever, chest congestion, or septic processes will require careful monitoring of their medical condition. These issues are often found in individuals who have had extended hospital stays with multiple procedures. These individuals can benefit from such services as:


•                Infectious disease consultation

•                Continuous infusion intravenous medication

•                PICC or Central line management

•                Antibiotic management

•                Isolation room


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