Success Stories

It was great to see you again yesterday!  It was also nice to see the nurses, management, and everyone.  It has been a while in one respect; on the other hand, it seems like yesterday when I was there in PT.  What a wonderful group of caring people!


As I hope you noticed, I am walking pretty darn well.  What a long way I came in a relatively short time from my first day there in September!!!  Still getting better every day through the exercises I learned from you and the regimen you sent home for me to continue.


In the beginning, I never thought I would be where I am today.  It is because of you and the staff there that my journey to recovery became a reality!  I am so pleased with me (Ha!), but there is no way I could have done it without you!  You worked me hard, but I always knew how much you cared about me on a personal level.


In conclusion, I would recommend your services, and the facility, 150% to anyone in need of such services.  Additionally, I would give the following advice that I learned first-hand:  "Simply put in the effort and do precisely what Aly tells you to do.  Don't slack off!  You will leave in a far better situation than that in which you arrived!!!"


Finally, I would like to convey a big old personal Thank You for everything!  You are simply the best!!!


Elek Woodliff


2125 HWY 42N

McDonough, GA 30253